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Last Updated Date: 2024/07/04

RBaba Co., Ltd.

Kitashinozaki XNUMX-chome XNUMX-XNUMX XNUMX

A 2-tatami modern tea room in Owari where you can experience Japanese culture, history, and serenity. 1 hour DIY assembly in your room or office

RBaba is a unique venture that combines Japanese culture, wabi-sabi, etiquette and luxury products.

Our mission is to bring Japanese culture, the aesthetics of wabi-sabi, etiquette, samurai history, and the spirit of Zen into homes around the world.

Have an experience that money can't buy in your country ^^

Using Japanese culture, Japanese manners, Japanese etiquette, and wabi-sabi, we aim to achieve mental health care and well-being, which are current social issues.

A prayer room for Muslim customers.


Why is this a luxury product for wellbeing?
Japanese characteristics
1. Breathing techniques to calm the mind through Zen and zazen
2. A tradition that condenses the spirituality of tea ceremony and martial arts
3. Wabi-sabi, a fleeting sense of beauty
4. Japanese manners and courtesy
5. History of Samurai

These are modern social issues
Achieving mental health and well-being
Only in Japan can we propose
I think it will be an irreplaceable experience.



RBaba's iconic product is "Owari's Modern Tea House: Japanese Zen Tea House" ^^


(Sub: En,Zh)

Our products are luxury products from Japan.

そ し て,

We are an innovator because there is no market for assembled Japanese-style rooms in Japan or overseas.



Product Overview: Modern tea room for DIY installation in your office or home. Prayer room for luxury hotels

Benefits: For mental health care, wellbeing, and mindfulness.

Production area: Made using wood from Owari and Aichi, the birthplace of Oda Nobunaga.

2 hour DIY assembly by two women in the living room


In the luxury business, the origin and history of the area are extremely important.


Operated by JTB Co., Ltd.47 storey Registered as a special product of Aichi Prefecture ^^



Create a space in your home or office where you don't have to do anything or think.


Achieving mental health care and well-being in the office

to mindfulness


For customers who want a private room in their office or home.

First of all, please experience it in the video ^^




Achieve well-being and practice mindfulness in an extraordinary 2-tatami Japanese-style room.


This 2 tatami tea room is really relaxing.


10 minute DIY assembly video ^^




 <How to use>
1. Mindfulness
2.Experience Japanese tea ceremony culture
3. Calm your mind with wabi-sabi
4.Experience the history of Japanese samurai

5.Muslim, prayer room

<Where to use it>
1.Home living room
3. Luxury hotels, airports
4.Restaurants, coffee shops



It is said that even if you don't do zazen, you can sit in a chair.
The important thing is breathing.
By exhaling for a long time, serotonin, a healing hormone, is secreted in the brain.
It is said to help reduce stress ^^


I also sometimes try zazen at a temple to calm my mind.



In addition, Japanese incense allows you to experience wabi-sabi with your eyes and scent.

The scent of incense makes you feel calm,
The way the scent gradually decreases gives you a sense of wabi-sabi.




I think burning incense while meditating is also good for mental health.

Burn some incense in Owari's modern tea room and experience wabi-sabi with your eyes and scent.



Create a space for just deep breathing for 15 minutes every day.

It is important to continue even for a short time ^^

By continuing, you will be able to deal with sudden mental breakdowns ^^



The government also places importance on mental health care, which is a modern social issue.



The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare states that mental health care consists of ``four types of care'' that are carried out continuously and systematically: ``self-care,'' ``line-based care,'' ``care provided by in-house industrial health staff, etc.,'' and ``care provided by resources outside the workplace.'' He says that it is important to be understood.


We are proud that our products can contribute to this first step of self-care.
・Coping with stress



<For corporations that value the mental health of their employees>


For mental health care, which is a modern social issue


In addition, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare is encouraging business operators to take the following five points.
① Formulation of a mental health plan
② Clarification of workplace policies to related parties
③ Establishment of a system to respond to worker consultations
④Providing education and training opportunities to related parties, etc.
⑤ Forming a network with resources outside the workplace


“Guidelines for maintaining and promoting the mental health of workers”

Please come to your office

for mental health care

As “a space where you don’t have to do anything or think”

2 tatami modern tea room or 4.5 tatami modern tea room

Please consider ^^


History of production area:

Made of wood from Aichi, Owari, the birthplace of Oda Nobunaga.


Who is Oda Nobunaga?
There are various theories, but Oda Nobunaga is recognized as an innovator who stuck to original methods with rational thinking in the methods of warfare, personnel affairs in organizations, and so on.


The Battle of Nagashino, which changed the way wars were fought by systematically using guns, which were still in limited circulation, against Takeda's cavalry, which was said to be the strongest at the time.
In terms of how to create an organization, regardless of social status, if a proposal was good, he was given a challenge, and those who achieved results were promoted.
That kind of innovator is my perception ^^


Inuyama Castle, located in Inuyama City, Owari, is one of only five designated national treasures in Japan.This is one of the.
It is the oldest wooden castle tower in Japan, and is said to have been built around 1588 according to tree ring research on cypress trees.

The pillars of our tea room are made of cedar wood, which is less durable than cypress wood, butThere is also a possibility that the wood was from Owari, the same wood used for Inuyama Castle.
We believe that using wood from Owari means using quality materials for a long time.You.



Owari craftsman: Mr. Teramoto Shoten.

Factory in Aisai City, Aichi Prefecture:Katagiri Precious Wood Industry Co., Ltd.
Domestic cedar. JAS Certified Sumi Aichi Prefectural Material Certification Organization Certification Number: P-036
It is "Aichi Certified Structural Laminated Lumber".




LA US Design Award IDA Winner


Interview published in specialized magazine





<Story: Development history: Japan and luxury seen from the world>


Bringing Japanese culture, aesthetics, and dignity to the world.
This will be carried out through Japanese Zen Tea House ^^


In my personal opinion, I honestly think it is difficult for Japan to take the global standard.
I think one reason for this is that the number of Japanese speakers in the world is small.


However, Japanese culture, aesthetic sense, and dignity, especially wabi-sabi, have become universally recognized, and I am convinced that this is a great asset in Japan's history.

I also believe that the spirit of Bushido and the history of the samurai are also assets of Japan.

I think Japan should utilize this history and the spirit of Zen ^^


In fact, the production of Japanese-style rooms is decreasing.
Young people avoid Japanese-style rooms, making them unpopular.


It's popular in inns and resort hotels, but why isn't it popular in residential areas?
We focus on the "extraordinary nature" of inns and resort hotels,

I thought about what to do in the Japanese-style room.



From the experience of renovation of minpaku

I have experienced that modern Japanese style is very popular among foreigners.

The following is the renovation of the private lodging "Karesansui Rooftop Garden"




The graph below isMaterials from the Japan Tourism Agency of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismIt is.


Product photos and videos on the web page and the history and culture of the area related to the product.

You can see that this is a key point for foreign travelers to consider purchasing products.



In addition,

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry'sPart 4: Luxury in the coming era and towards capturing overseas demand"Than

Our products are exactly as recommended by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

It is a "designer brand from Japan",

We are trying to export new crafts, cultural resources and crafts rooted in the regions of Owari and Aichi.


そ し て,





For this reason, our products are exactly

We believe that it is the "new Japaneseness" that the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry considers.



These experiences led to the creation of a product called “Assembly Japanese Room”

We solved the challenges of modern life and rebranded.



We are looking for distributors overseas.

We will handle marketing etc.

It is possible to set up a showroom and tea room at the store

Agents, we look forward to hearing from you.

EnglishOur company profilePlease check ^^


Bringing Japanese culture, wabi-sabi and courtesy to the world with luxury products.



Also for inbound and Muslim visitors to Japan ^^



Create a space in your home or office where you don't have to do anything or think.

For mental health self-care

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries ^^"



RBaba Ltd. PR image 1


RBaba Ltd. PR image 2

Design: Wabi-Sabi

RBaba Ltd. PR image 3

Design: pink monotone

RBaba Ltd. PR image 1
RBaba Ltd. PR image 2
RBaba Ltd. PR image 3

Industry (industry classification)

[Large classification]
Wholesale, retail

Business Activities

・D2C business
1. Modern tea house in Owari: Japanese Zen Tea House (prayer room for Muslims)
2.Incense in general
3.General tea utensils
Rebranding of products from the Showa era.
D2C business model consulting.
How to create a luxury brand from Japan: How to turn products from Japan into luxury products.
Rebranding of traditional crafts and D2C marketing consulting.

Product / service information

  • 2 tatami DIY modern tea room. Wabi Jaku, Samurai's Prayer Room Product/Service Images
    2 tatami DIY modern tea room. Wabijaku, samurai's prayer room

    Our iconic product, "Japanese Zen Tea House," is a 2-tatami modern tea room. Also used in the prayer rooms of luxury hotels. [DIY] For customers who want a private room in their room or office. Mental health care, mindfulness, and Muslim customers. A stylish 2 tatami Japanese room. Reduce stress at home. Assembled by 2 women in 1 hour. Apartment OK. No renovation required. Aichi wood that gave birth to Nobunaga.

  • A 4.5 tatami modern tea room. Wabi Sabi Prayer Room Product/Service Images
    A 4.5 tatami modern tea room. Wabi Sabi Prayer Room

    4.5 tatami mats (9 mats). A modern tea room for offices. A prayer room for inbound Muslim guests of a luxury hotel. Japanese Zen Tea House. DIY assembly in the office. For companies that want a tea room for mental health care recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Mindfulness and meditation. To reduce stress. No construction required. A mysterious tea room made of wood in Owari, Aichi, where Nobunaga was born. The photo is an example. The tatami mats are available in pink, green, and black, so checkered patterns are also available, so please consult us for coordination ^^

  • Mino ware incense holder hand-painted by craftsmen Product and service images
    Mino ware incense holder hand-painted by craftsmen

    This is a Mino ware incense holder handcrafted by craftsmen.
    Mino ware is a pottery that has been passed down since the Heian period in Japan.
    The Mino region is located just north of the Owari region, which is the region where teahouses are produced.
    Piece by piece, the craftsman depicts the beauty and wabi-sabi of Japan.

List of product/service information

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RBaba Co., Ltd.
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Yugengaisha Aarubaba
Ryuji Baba
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XNUMX, XNUMX-XNUMX-XNUMX Kitashinozaki, Edogawa-ku

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